Who We Are

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Danielle M. Jones (she/her)

Danielle’s background is in experiential and culturally-responsive nature education, mindful practices and equity work.  Unknowingly, she has been building up to this project since childhood and proudly draws on the legacy of earth-connection from her ancestors. The term “weaver” is a recognition that none of the pieces she is bringing together are new but that these beautiful and intersectional ways of being and knowing will allow us to better embrace ourselves and our community.

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Kendra Danielle (she/her)
Community Collaborative  Member

Kendra Danielle is an herbalist apprentice, curator of healing spaces for Black, Indigenous, People of Color (BIPOC), farmer, nature-based educator, and artist. Through her work she aims to center the needs of underestimated communities' health and wholeness. It is her dream to one day steward a cooperative healing farm and center where folxs can share their gifts to create a liberatory haven for BIPOC, including queer folxs. She truly desires to carry on the traditions of her ancestors and quilt a more inclusive and caring society. 

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Natashia Burch (she/her)
Community Collaborative Member

Natashia Burch is currently a stay at home caregiver. In a previous life, she was a pre- Ph.D. student, entrepreneur, political activist, and YouTube creator. Her previous work centered on health and wellness as well as sexual identity. Her current focus outside of motherhood is writing the story of her ancestors, learning the culture, and language of the enslaved pre-Trans Atlantic Slave Trade.

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Adrian Williams (he/him)
Community Collaborative Member

Adrian Williams is a recreational gardener, professional researcher, dad, husband, foodie, sweat enthusiast, no-nonsense nurturer, advocate for others, and a local resident of Little Rock district 34. "My wish is to create more green spaces and functionally sustainable communities in my hometown and beyond for people of color by working to collectively change our political and social landscapes while increasing our capacity for helping others in need. There is a call for action in the Little Rock community and I truly believe that collectively we can produce positive change through good works, philanthropy, and providing equitable spaces regardless of socioeconomic background. I am interested in sourcing funding for short and long-term projects, land acquisition and development, community support events organization, and project coordination."


Justina Walker (she/they)
Community Collaborative  Member

Justina Walker is an herbalist apprentice, gardener, familial archivist and budding farmer. They come to this work recognizing the necessity of prison abolition for Black liberation and the importance of building life affirming institutions to support the fight for Black food sovereignty.