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Sankofa Village Arkansas is a forming intentional community centering Black healing, liberation and regeneration. We are fiscally-sponsored by the Foundation for Intentional Communities.

Mission: Our nonprofit mission is to transform multigenerational community health through education and land stewardship for the purposes of housing affordability, community wealth building, and climate resiliency. 

Vision: Our dream is that Black Arkansans have access to intentional communities where they can safely engage in healing and liberatory practices in relationship with each other and Mother Earth. We embody the transformation from extractive to regenerative systems - shifting values, policies and practices from separation to interconnection, scarcity to abundance, and from simplicity to complex resilience and beauty. We hope to inspire community-based efforts to design communities in alignment with a more sustainable and just future.


January 2022 -  December 2022

July 2021 - January 2022

February - May 2021

January - February 2021

We refined our legal structures, hosted our first events and stakeholder meetings. We are awarded our first grant award from the New Economy Coalition's Black Solidarity Fund!

S.V.A.'s 6 - month Community Collaborative begins meeting in July. Goals are to (1) shape S.V.A. moving forward (2) create a Black-centering space for learning and action, and (3) empower each other to make sustainable and justice-oriented change. Meet the members here!

A low land appraisal in April resulted in the termination of the land purchase. Undeterred from the S.V.A. vision, Danielle continued to share learnings (see blog posts), shifted energy to recruiting for the Community Collaborative, and took time to learn about other ways to buy land.

Danielle, S.V.A.'s weaver, launched a GoFundMe to help her raise funds to purchase 5-acres in the historically Black neighborhood Granite Mt. in her hometown of Little Rock Arkansas. Over 200 people donated and over $17K was raised! 

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