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Danielle participates in "Green in the Hood" teach-in May 28th

Updated: Aug 22, 2021

Sankofa Village Arkansas was a guest in City Repair's May 28th "Green in the Hood" teach-in around community and housing as part of the virtual Village Building Convergence. Other speakers included the Portland-based Afro Village and Useful Waste Initiative. Danielle, the weaver of S.V.A. shares a bit about how her ancestral connections to the Earth, her studies and curiosity led her to envision this project. She presents with Ecological design as a framework, and encourage participants to ask themselves the hard questions as they engage in community work.

The whole event is 1hr 40minutes. Danielle speaks 15:30-45:00. The video can be viewed on City Repair's facebook page or down below.

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